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Book #2 of Humanity Resurgent Trilogy

With interstellar war looming on one side, and a new love growing on the other, Carli-three is being torn apart. Above all, she needs to locate the lost human colonies and begin the rebuilding.

Carli-three knows there are humans scattered across the galaxy in tiny pockets, some faring well-enough, others in seriously desperate straits. With the help of an alien machine that she doesn’t understand, Carli-three can make brief telepathic contact with lost colony members…the problem is, after one hundred and sixty years they no longer know where in the galaxy they are. Using mere scraps of information she tries to piece together enough information to track them down and bring help. All the while, in the background of her life, war is creeping closer and she’s not sure she has the strength to leave her new-found love in order to search out the lost colonies.

Conflict is book four in the Waning Earthlight series, and the second in the trilogy following the life of Carli-three. John Markestad’s fourth novel is complex and filled with space battles, alien societies, and new love. This story spans stars systems and keeps the pace FTL-fast to get it all done.

Dive into this wide-ranging set of novels populated with oddly-gifted humans and multiple aliens. Start your journey through the Waning Earthlight universe today.

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