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Space Supernova


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"I love reading John’s works. His characters are relatable even if the character is an alien who lives in a completely different world. John has a certain flare for making you feel like the world in his book could just as easily be the world we are living in. Sci-Fi is not my usual genre of books for reading, but I will be reading (and re-reading) these books!"

- Hannah W.

"A very descriptive and intriguing story that keeps your attention and creates a detailed picture of a world and its inhabitants. I loved the story and can’t wait to see what happens next."

- Jeremy P.

"I love John’s stories. They always run like a movie in my mind."

- Ann V.

"Marvelously inventive "hard" SF. Earthlight is some of the very best I've read in decades! You will want to search for the author, shake his hand, and thank him!"

- John S.

"John Markestad is the real deal: a writer who creates worlds with words. Through his fascinating plots and fully-realized characters, John writes science-fiction books that even people who don’t usually read sci-fi can’t put down. I recommend all of his novels and short stories—anything John writes—highly!"

- Kelly Dwyer, MBA, Senior Lecturer, University of Wisconsin, Baraboo/Sauk County, 3 time fiction author

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