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Book #1 of Humanity Resurgent Trilogy

A broken down space-faring hotel ship, fleeing the horrors of the lost war in Earthspace, limps into a solar system that is home to a young and faltering alien colony. The aliens provide help and hope, but the price is steep.

Follow Cat Baluu and Carli-three as they hike through a forest of Sequoia-sized giants while being pursued by bounty hunters…both human and not human. Their goal is an off-limits spaceport where new invaders are sizing up this little colony of humans and their alien masters. With everybody lying to everyone else it’s going to be hard to put together any sort of collective defense—but if they don’t, they may all end up on someone else’s menu. An ancient device in a city abandoned millions of years ago might help, or it might drive Carli-three insane.

Deception is book one in the Humanity Resurgent Trilogy. Follow the adventures of Carli-three, a woman of twenty-five in the body of a twelve-year-old girl. Fast-moving and filled with complex characters, both human and alien--murder and love get bound together in an alien forest.

Dive into this wide-ranging storyline populated with oddly-gifted humans and multiple aliens. Start your journey through the Waning Earthlight Universe today.

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