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Indigo Billy

From alien experiment, to teen sex toy, to mega-billionaire…Billy’s a deeply flawed hero on his way to owning everything when catastrophe strikes the entire human race.

Indigo Billy, the blue-skinned orphan, abandoned by his wealthy grandparents, grows up with only his own wits to find a way out of the poverty cycle. He lives inside the walls of a luxury space-liner, selling himself to the wealthy as he learns what he needs to break free and take on the galaxy. While working for the interplanetary EDARPA group, Billy invents weapons that turn the tide of the war with the geshaan…which ultimately leads to havoc across all of Earthspace. On his own once again, Billy sets himself a new goal—exact revenge upon the geshaan!


Indigo Billy is the first book in the Waning Earthlight series, a science fiction tale of catastrophic loss for billions, and for individuals. John Markestad presents casual murder and lifetime friendships throughout this fast-moving and evocative story of one young man’s rise to power…and the great fall that brings even him down.

Dive into this wide-ranging storyline filled with odd humans, aliens, and uplifted non-humans. Start your journey through the Waning Earthlight universe today.

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