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Humanity has been all but extinguished from the galaxy, can there ever be redemption for their killer? On an Earth without humans, one alien seeks salvation.

Ytsmea, suffering crushing guilt for her part in genocide, meets up with a drunken, uplifted otter on an Earth without humans. With each leaning on the other, they stagger their way towards some sort of deliverance and purpose. Meanwhile, continents away, other uplifted individuals are engaged in their own struggle to build a workable multi-species society while holding onto the high technology that has been left to them. Unknown to anyone, in the darkness between the stars Ytsema’s own kind are hunting her…and they’re on their way to Earth.

Penance is a stand-alone novel set in the Waning Earthlight universe, a science fiction tale of catastrophic loss for billions, and for individuals. John Markestad takes us on an insightful tour of the lives of Earth-born nonhumans, and one emotionally wrecked alien, in a universe where the good guys don’t always win.

Dive into this wide-ranging storyline filled with odd humans, aliens, and uplifted non-humans. Start your journey through the Waning Earthlight universe today.

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